Electronic Payment & Transaction Switching

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CNS is partnering in the middle east region, with  CSF International (CSFi), a global provider of ATM driving and management, electronic payment & transaction switching, and card management software worldwide, 
For over thirty years, the company has provided software solutions to hundreds of financial institutions in over twenty countries, processed millions of transactions each year, and supported thousands of ATM and POS terminals around the globe.


Hundreds of companies use CSFi products to process their electronic payment transactions and they incorporate the latest technological advancements yet remain flexible enough to meet changing business needs. The following is a list of major product offerings: 

SWITCHWARE® … A payment authorization and transaction switching system that provides ATM driving and management, POS acquiring and merchant management, ATM/debit card file management including EMV smart card support, ATM monitoring and alert notification, PCI DSS / PA-DSS compliance and much more. 

EZswitch® … A middleware solution that provides an ATM/debit delivery channel with on-line authorizations using the core banking system’s current balances. 

VOLTDS® … A communications subsystem that serves as an enterprise service bus for the connections between CSFi payment authorization software and the external devices, networks, and applications. 

FraudBlock™ … A rules-based fraud detection and protection system that integrates seamlessly with CSFi payment authorization software. The system performs on-line authorization decisions in real-time, or accumulates historical data to identify fraudulent activity in a background mode. 

Sentinel™ … An unattended monitoring and alert notification system that provides real-time alerts via email or SMS messaging. Sentinel monitors the payment authorization system, ATM network, and connections to the core banking system and switch network. It immediately notifies the bank user if there is any disruption in service. 

MIS Reporting System … A browser-based analytical reporting system that provides graphical data that illustrates ATM availability, transaction types/volumes, acquirer/issuer fees, peak activity periods and transaction response times. 

DART™ … A transaction replay application tool that allows for testing and benchmarking of the CSFi software by simulating transactions coming into the system at a controlled rate or volume.