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Banks around the globe, are upgrading existing ATMs, with new versions that provide human interaction with a teller through video chat. Played over the ATM screen, bank customers can speak to a teller if they need to carry out advanced transactions like cashing a check or making a withdrawal in specific denominations. In addition, the transaction speed is increased when compared to walking into the bank to speak with a teller. The machine can dispense the cash automatically and enter all check information without any interaction from the teller.

With CNS, the Bank can enjoy the perfect ROI model; by depending on an Interactive Chatting solution (iChat), that will provide the integration of a video chat option to ATM’s/CCDM’s, Interactive teller Machines (ITM) and Interactive Kiosk. The chatting option is made available to the users of the Self-Service Terminals.

Replacing branch tellers with the remote tellers using iSuite - iChat module, can provide customers access to cash in their accounts, to amounts exceeding their daily permitted usage, with Increase in daily Limits, and Instant clearing of the Deposited Cheque, all that on the same CCDMs that they are procuring from CNS & Deibold Nixdorf.