Self-Service ATM Security Assessment

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The self-service channel is not invulnerable to the growing threats of card fraud and data breaches, as well as the hard cash losses associated with fraud; there is also the serious risk of impact on consumer confidence. Systematized criminals with expert knowledge of the ATM are now even developing new breeds of malware specifically designed to attack ATMs. 
CNS ATM assessment services is helping banks to Stay ahead of potential compromise with a non-biased, confidential security assessment, including but not limited to

ATM architecture review,
Penetration testing,
ATM-specific certifications,
Third-party insight into reducing the threat of ATM attack,
Identifying network risk exposures and defining specific vulnerabilities,
Validating security controls, policies and procedures,
Developing a quick-hit, short-term approach to addressing immediate vulnerabilities,
Planning a roadmap of strategic, prioritized security measures...